“Simply Med” the Brand Ethics coined in the food world to disseminate the products of the Mediterranean diet has signed trade agreements with the Consortium Oil COFI.R.
Purpose of the agreement is to spread the known oil quality of Calabria as healthy food tip of the Mediterranean Diet
(www.dietamediterraneasrl.it – www.dispensasimplymed.it)
The contract was signed at the headquarters of the Consortium COFI.R. by the President of Cosenza Giovan Battista Pisani and the Sole of the Mediterranean diet Ltd. Silvia Lanzafame.

The President of the Consortium COFI.R. Giovanni Battista Pisani

The agreements provide for the use of the brand Simply Med – Product of the Mediterranean Diet “by Oil provided by the Consorzio COFI.R. bringing together consortia COTe.C., CIOC, OLIVOLIO, Agrigest, providing, thus, to the Mediterranean diet, the oil of the highest quality whole territory Calabrese.
“Oil of Calabria and Puglia is the banner of the Mediterranean diet for its health qualities recognized on the world stage. For this reason – said Silvia Lanzafame – our society has turned their attentions to COFI.R. (Calabria Dies Grouped Oil) Oil Consortium of excellence in Calabria, with which it has signed trade agreements to spread under the banner of the Mediterranean Diet an oil that is healthy and naturally interprets the needs of the Mediterranean diet today also UNESCO World Heritage Site “.

Mediterranean diet Ltd. Silvia Lanzafame

Simply Med Ethics is the first brand in the world Italian food created to sell only products of the Mediterranean diet. It’s Healthy Food grown in the fertile lands of the best Italian fruit and local traditions. The marketed product includes Oil, Pasta, Bread, Tomato Past, tasty sauces, vegetables, wine and all kinds of delicious glass. All strictly 100% ITALIAN.
Simply Med sells the products of the Mediterranean diet in the form of “Dispense food” and cut most of the costs of large retailers because it channeled via the internet to reach the consumer’s table with excellent products and first choice at very affordable prices, able to cope with the ‘current financial crisis.


“The Brand Ethics” Simply Med “- says the young entrepreneur and Administrator of the Mediterranean Diet srl Silvia Lanzafame – born to make” Healthy Food “and tackle the” junk food “. Born also to fill a void represented by a new strategic model mecato, the Mediterranean Diet, which was to be the prey of the junk food. Thanks to the establishment of ethical Brand Simply Med we were able to seal the Mediterranean diet to a market where it belongs naturally and geographically, to spread the beneficial and healthy. Since our mission ethics provides, among other things, to provide oil of the highest quality because it is the basis of a healthy diet, we thought we’d put in our pantry designed to Families and beyond, the excellent oil and high quality as the is produced by four of the main olive-growing in Calabria OP grouped by the Consortium COFI.R. ”

The project started by a group of young Catholics whose specializations in the field of new network economies and food industries have allowed the identification of a niche market – that of the Mediterranean diet – which is becoming a global significance for its known quality health benefits of the well known American researcher Ancel Keys, father and inventor of the term “Mediterranean diet” was stopped promoter.


“Simply Med Today is the brand that is authoritative and will be more and more” Mediterranean diet served at the table “- said Silvia Lanzafame, director of Unique Mediterranean Diet srl. The fact that the Mediterranean diet Ltd. had married an ethical mission suggested important authoritative Foundation “Paul of Tarsus”, it means that there is now a new model of market-oriented significantly to lock up with a formidable system of selling electronic product market 100 % Italian, fruit of the labor of peasants and Italian producers. The Lecture Simply Simply Med, in fact, have cleverly chosen to convey the products of the Coldiretti and Campagna Amica to share with these two great Italian institutions the need to protect, in no uncertain terms, product quality ITALY.

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