Mediterranean Diet recipes known in America are a mixture of junk food and healthy food.

Mediterranean cuisine

To experience authentic Mediterranean cuisine should be traveling in southern Italy, where Ancel Keys found the best way of life to the world

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Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, the creator of modern gastronomy, two centuries ago wrote in his “Physiology of Taste”: “The food is the reasoned knowledge of everything that relates to man as he eats”

The recipes are therefore much more than  a simple collection of ingredients and a series of steps needed to cook it. Behind them there are significant traces of history, anthropology, biodiversity and social contexts. If we are dealing with the Mediterranean Diet recipes, the most durable and influential story between the relationship between Man and the Food, we must be aware of touching a precious material.

The recipes of the Mediterranean debut on the Net.  Diet Cookbook is being implemented with great speed and soon to be hundreds of recipes.

The Mediterranean Diet recipes, written on the Internet,  have the task of telling, through the tastes, the ancient tradition mixed to the contextualization of the longest food model in the world.

The recipes of the Mediterranean diet, in the end, will, as a whole, “scented” advice that will encourage longings, desires, cravings and many smiles.

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