Vegetables Recipies are really a lot

Served alongside a meaty main, or simply as the star of meal, vegetables are versatile

Vegetables Recipes

With Italian and Mediterranean inspired recipes, there’s no excuse for bland tasting vegetables.

Potato Recipes

Roasted potatoes, baked potatoes, and creamy mashed potatoes are some popular potato sides. Add to that potato salad, potato dumplings, and potato wedges, and you can see why it is the king of vegetables.

Mediterranean Diet Store

A group of highly qualified young people have created an ethical brand exclusively dedicated to the Mediterranean Diet: “SimplyMed” which means just the Mediterranean

Italian Products

L’E-store  contains over 600 excellent products 100% Italy in the Mediterranean diet.


SimplyMed sells exclusively online or These young people are very strong because they have signed contracts with the best companies that produce healthy food without preservatives.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Simply Med sells extra virgin olive oil of the best land in the South of Italy.

Italian vegetables

The peasant farms of the wonderful Italian vegetables is managed by Gencarelly Family